Giorgio Vasari

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After 240 years, Titian’s First Masterpiece Leaves Russia for London Show

National Gallery borrows The Flight Into Egypt, not seen outside Russia since it was bought by Catherine the Great in 1768 . []  Catherine the Great bought Titian‘s The Flight Into Egypt in 1768. Since then the large painting, described by the 16th-century art historian Giorgio Vasari as Titian’s first masterpiece, has not been seen outside Russia – until Tuesday. … Continue reading

NatGeo to air documentary concerning the search for the lost da Vinci fresco of “The Battle of Anghiari”

Further to our posting of yesterday concerning the possible evidence of a hidden work by Leonardo da Vinci, the National Geographic Channel will be airing a documentary entitled “Finding the Lost da Vinci” next Sunday night at 9:00 pm EDT. “Could one of Leonardo da Vinci’s lost works of art be hidden between a wall … Continue reading

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