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Is this the Mona Lisa’s skeleton? Discovery of bones in Florence convent believed to be those of silk merchant’s wife who inspired Da Vinci

[MailOnline]  Archaeologists are convinced they’ve unearthed the secret behind the world’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa. Buried beneath the floor of a convent in Florence, Italy they’ve found a skeleton they believe belonged to Lisa Gherardini, the model who posed for Leonardo’s da Vinci’s mysterious masterpiece. Lisa Gheradini, was the wife of a rich silk … Continue reading

UPDATE TO OUR EARLIER ENTRY: France’s Leading Painting Conservator Now Says da Vinci’s Original Work Was Mistakenly Removed During Restoration of “Virgin & Child with St Anne”

French art expert says Louvre’s Leonardo was overcleaned La Vierge, l’Enfant Jésus et Sainte Anne by Leonardo da Vinci. Photograph: Jean-Pierre Muller/AFP [theguardian]  One of France’s most eminent art experts has criticised the Louvre Museum’s cleaning of a 500-year-old Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, The Virgin and Child With Saint Anne. Ségolène Bergeon Langle, former director of conservation … Continue reading

NatGeo to air documentary concerning the search for the lost da Vinci fresco of “The Battle of Anghiari”

Further to our posting of yesterday concerning the possible evidence of a hidden work by Leonardo da Vinci, the National Geographic Channel will be airing a documentary entitled “Finding the Lost da Vinci” next Sunday night at 9:00 pm EDT. “Could one of Leonardo da Vinci’s lost works of art be hidden between a wall … Continue reading

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